The Sterling Land Trust

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We are the Sterling Land Trust, a community land trust headquartered in the Sterling Community of West Greenville with a mission to assist neighborhoods in self-development, land ownership, asset & wealth creation, and building community. 

You drive up Anderson Road to downtown Greenville--not realizing you are passing by one of Greenville's most historic neighborhoods.

You have never heard of Sterling.

You only associate Sterling with crime and deterioration.

You are a Sterling resident or Sterling High School alumnus who knows the neighborhood, its history and its potential.

You want to learn more about our organization and community.

The Sterling Land Trust is an organization that reaches out to you all--for a more just and inclusive community.

Meet our Board!

The dedicated people who serve Sterling's legacy!

Learn about Sterling!

A vibrant community rises! Learn our history.


Fruit, Vegetables & Sterling

Sterling Urban Farm Sites

Follow the development of Sterling Pride Farm!

Check out Sterling Pride Farm here!

Our objective is to have the farm ready in late Spring/early Summer 2015!

To learn more about Neighborhood Sustainability click here