The Sterling Land Trust

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The Sterling Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative was established to explore and utilize community development techniques that can aid in the transformation of Sterling. We wish to expand an utilize urban farming on a small scale. Farms can provide healthy, affordable food and are a source of beauty in the neighborhood. Sterling has a wealth of vacant lots that can be utilized. By building the foundation of this initiative, Sterling will possess a powerful development tool for the community. 

Our Path

We hope to become a powerful example of community development at its best.  We seek to eventually replicate and expand our small-scale farming model within the neighborhood and collaborate with other low-wealth communities. 

Residents are excited to transform of their community through agriculture.

We plan on leveraging local assets and turning them into neighborhood opportunities.

Our Hope for the Future

We hope to focus on the microenterprise side of farming. Urban farms are a great opportunity for our residents. Community members will take care of the farm and sell the vegetables, fruit and flowers for income. 

Community health is improved because there is increased access to healthy, fresh foods.  Additionally, residents who are unemployed or underemployed can increase their income by selling the harvest. We feel that every resident should have the opportunity to get involved, so we would like to expand the number of farm sites throughout the most deteriorated part of Sterling. We are laying the foundation to grow this venture into an economic engine for the neighborhood! 

Farms and Community Gardens

There is one major difference between farms and community gardens. Farm produce is sold, while community garden produce is free for the neighborhood. Farms can be used as microenterprise opportunities, but community gardens focus on philanthropy. 

We hope to grow our efforts into a farming social enterprise that creates income and healthy foods for residents and Greenville at large. 

Sterling Pride Farm

The Sterling Pride Farm group was formed in 2013. It is made up of residents who will develop an urban farm site in the neighborhood. Sterling Pride Farm meets once a month. The name refers to the historic and innovative legacy of Sterling High School. 

Next Meeting: May 17 @ the Sterling Hope Center (709 Dunbar Street) at 12 noon

Check back later to find out more about our development of an urban farm mosaic.

Social Entrepreneurship

Exciting news! The Sterling Land Trust is developing a set of innovative social entrepreneurship projects in the neighborhood. They will provide an avenue to capture the gifts of all residents--with a focus on those who are barred from full participation in the economy due to their social or economic status. 

The overall project will be called Pride Cooperative. We will also have Pride Farm, Pride Solar and Pride Works. There will also be support for residents to start their own businesses. 

This opportunity is part of an overall strategy to support economic revitalization at the grassroots level.

These projects are in the brainstorming stage, so please check in again soon to follow the process. Let's dream big together!