The Sterling Land Trust

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Community Land Trusts

 A community land trust (CLT) is an organization that operates by purchasing land and ensuring that it is used according to the wishes of community members. 


For example, a neighborhood experiencing gentrification can form a community land trust in order to keep housing prices at an affordable, resident-friendly rate. The community land trust buys the houses, offers a 99-year lease and affordable rental rates. Because of the community land trust, residents can stay in their homes and neighborhoods--reducing displacement, while encouraging stability. Community land trusts have been used for decades to help empower people. 

The Sterling Land Trust was the first neighborhood land trust in South Carolina. Our organization is a member of the National Community Land Trust Network.

What Can a Community Land Trust Accomplish?

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  • Leverage assets into opportunities
  • Increase community health
  • Encourage community and economic development
  • Allow residents to stay in their neighborhoods
  • Balance the pressures of gentrification
  • Ensure that rent or mortages are affordable

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